Workplace remodelling: office designs that can help get the job done

  • 19 November 2018 | Tumelo Buthelezi

The year 2018 is coming to a close. But do you want to continue working from the same boring cubicles or dull-coloured offices in the coming year?

If not, then you should look for ways to inspire staff with fresh touches to the office. You can impress clients and motivate employees by shaping and shaking up the workplace with the following remodelling concepts selected from lists of the most popular office trends of 2018.

Home concept set-up

If it wasn’t for the noise and distractions at the house, many people would be comfortable working from home. But you can still create that cosy feel with a home-inspired set-up that incorporates homely elements (sofas, coffee tables, vases, rocking chairs, etc.) into the workplace to create an environment that combines sociability with functionality.

Dynamic workstation designs

Flexible, open-space office layouts are a great way to improve communication between employees and promote collaboration. They also keep office space restrictions to a minimum by allowing staff to sit on office couches with their laptops and work.

For those who need their privacy, introducing makeshift semi-enclosed walls will allow people to work in peace without distractions. The movable walls come in a variety of colours and you can choose structures made from eco-friendly material.

Unconventional office set-up

You can creatively occupy free space with multifunction furniture, taking advantage of its ability to store a variety of office essentials in one accessible place. Cheaper suggestions include moving the sofa into the unused, open space under the stairs, if there are any stairs, or putting a beanbag next to the electric sockets in free corners throughout the office.

Give your employees the option to work away from their desks sometimes with these unique office concepts. Just remember to implement these approaches to design with good occupational health practices in mind.