Top tips on how to organise your garage

  • 22 October 2019 | umelo Buthelezi

Fortunate are those who have garages that house nothing but their vehicles. But when it comes to most of us, this is the part of the house where we also keep our tools, old toys, sporting equipment, camping gear and all sorts of other belongings.

Have you always wanted to clean up that space but just aren’t sure where to start? Here are some top tips on how to organise your garage.

Build storage cabinets

At the top of the list is the most obvious solution to your storage problems in the form of DIY garage cabinets. Get a ready-made storage unit that you can simply screw onto the wall.

Instead of stacking plastic storage bins against a wall, try building storage towers. They provide easy access to your items and make sorting the contents very simple if you get the bins in different colours.

Use space in the corners

Make effective use of your garage space by storing smaller essentials such as oil cans, glue pots and car polish in a corner shelf. You can easily make one using using scrap plywood and support boards to further increase your storage capacity.

Build a wire or cord ball corral

Ball storage can be a huge challenge, especially for a family with small kids. This can be solved by putting all those soccer balls, basketballs and rubber balls in a sturdy ball corral, or flexible cage-like structure. The kids can easily grab the balls, and then simply “throw and go” when they have to put them back. This will also keep the balls from rolling under your cars.

Hang your tools in PVC pipes

Don’t have a shed for all your gardening tools? Don't stress too much about storage when you can use half-cut slices of PVC pipe to hold your tools. Simply secure each tube to your garage wall with a plumbing strap and provide your gardening implements with ample space.

Set up ceiling storage

Get more garage space with an overhead storage rack. By adding simple ceiling storage racks, you will have an ideal place to put away camping gear, holiday decorations and other not-so-often-used items that only need to come down once or twice a year.

Hooks and brackets are also useful for efficiently storing items like ladders and garden tools. Just find a free wall on which to mount your hangers, and then start arranging your items in a neat manner.

These are some of the most common methods of making that garage a lot more organised, cleaner and easier to use. Think we left out a useful suggestion? Please leave a comment on our social media platforms and tell us how you have managed to declutter and give your car more parking space.