Top tips: how to maintain hardwood floors

  • 30 September 2019 | Tumelo Buthelezi

Hardwood floors are a stylish, elegant and timeless choice for home decor. They can be very easy to maintain if you avoid certain mistakes and consider the following tips to keep them flawless:

Clean at the right time

While the dirt that builds up over time might make you feel like a wet and deep clean is in order, be careful not to wet-clean with a mop and liquid products too often. You can gift your wooden floors with long life if you keep them well vacuumed. Only deep-clean once a month, or spot-clean whenever they start showing too much foot traffic on the surface.

Use suitable cleaning equipment

Keep wooden floors clean and looking fresh with the right dirt-removing equipment. Microfibre mops are excellent trappers and snatchers of dirt, pet hair and all sorts of filth-causing particles. Dust daily with a microfibre mop to prevent surface scratches and always vacuum, using a soft-bristled floor-brush attachment. You can also use wooden-floor cleaning products that don’t need water as the supporting cleaning agent. Simply apply by spraying the mop directly and tackle the cleaning, doing small areas at a time.

Be careful when using steam mops blasting high-pressure hot water that can seep through crevices and cause damage to your floors. Keep steaming appliance on the lowest setting and ensure the floors don’t get too wet.

Take the necessary preventive measures

Sometimes, it’s not what you put on your hardwood floors that makes them last a lifetime, it’s what you keep off them. Avoid rubber-backed mats that can dull your floor’s shine and affect its colour. Leave your high heels, boots and other shoes that could scratch at the door. Keep your pets’ nails trimmed so their claws won’t leave marks when they move around inside the house. Keep sun exposure to a minimum inside the house, because it can cause discolouration.

These tips only scratch the surface, but they’re easy to follow, and a good start towards keeping your floors spotless and well maintained.