Top tips: five ways to take care of your houseplants

  • 19 January 2020 | Tumelo

Welcome the new decade by introducing fresh greenery into your home. You can keep your houseplants in good condition and help them last for a long time by trying any of these five easy tips.

Choose a plant that can be accommodated by your lifestyle

When choosing a houseplant, make sure you go for one that is compatible with your lifestyle. A busy social life and hectic work schedule can lead to unintentional neglect, which may ultimately damage your houseplants.

You can weed out this problem by raising low-maintenance plants such as snake plants, aloe vera or maybe even a cactus. These types of indoor plants are perfect for people with brown thumbs, or jet-setters who are always on the move and won’t be able to give their plants too much attention.

Spray-clean your plant

Take care of your indoor plants by cleaning their leaves with a mist spray. This will remove dust that can prevent adequate absorption of sunlight and affect the plant’s ability to feed itself (photosynthesis). Make sure that you clean the leaves at least once a month and enable these organs of transpiration to purify the air circulating in the room.

Check your plants for pests regularly

Discourage pest infestations by frequently checking your plants for invaders such as mites, which may end up spreading to the rest of the house. Once you have identified any plant-hosted parasites, you can treat them immediately with some home-made insecticides that do not cause damage to the environment.

Prevent plants from drying out

If you travel frequently and find yourself away from home for extended periods, give your houseplants some extra sprinkles so that they will stay moist and healthy for a couple of weeks. Be careful not to over-water them and cause any damage. Also, don’t forget to take the seasons into account when giving them a soak as plants have different nutritional needs in winter than in summer.

Change the planters and potting mix

At some point in your plant’s life you will need to change the planters and the potting mix to allow your growing plants to develop in a bigger and more hospitable space. Fresh soil minimises the risk of salts building up and ruining your plants when you add fertiliser. Choose a planter that will provide adequate drainage for your plant and place a tray underneath the pot to catch any excess water.

Houseplants can be seen as symbols of new beginnings and should be properly taken care of. The tips above are just some of the basic things you can do to help your indoor plants, but keep in mind that not all plants need to be cared for in the same manner. Research the plant species you want to bring home and find out if their basic requirements will be met in your home.