Top soup recipes this winter

  • 21 June 2019 | Tumelo Buthelezi

There’s just something about soup that makes the battle with shivers, chattering teeth and runny noses more bearable in winter. You can make this liquid dish using vegetables, meats or spice mixtures and come out with a pot bubbling with flavours to clear away the winter blues. Here are some of the most warming, hearty and nutrient-rich recipes.

Spiced-root vegetable soup

The first recipe on this list that will send you straight to the kitchen to start cooking is a spiced-root vegetable soup. This one provides the vitamins and minerals your family will need to get through the drab winter days. It’s an easy dish to make, with amazing flavours.

Indian winter soup

Want a soup that packs a hot punch? This Indian winter soup is made from spices that will warm up your bowl and body. The combination of lentils, pearl barley, tomatoes, green chillies, paprika and a whole lot more will make your taste buds come alive.

Thai chicken soup

Any winter menu is incomplete without a bowl of classic comfort food like chicken soup. You can make this brothy dish from leftover chicken and even put a Thai spin on it by adding Thai green curry paste. The other ingredients that go into this dish make it one of the few soups that will allow you to enjoy a clash of sweet, sour and salty all at once.

Beef and vegetable soup

Perhaps it’s time to mix those veggies you have lying around the kitchen with tender chunks of beef to make a beef and vegetable soup. This dish will have you looking forward to coming home to a hearty serving after a long, cold day.

Butternut soup with honeyed chickpeas

This butternut soup with honeyed chickpeas is great for two reasons. One, the soup goes beyond winter and can be enjoyed any time of the year. Two, the easy-to-make dish will only take about 30 minutes of your time.

So, take advantage of these easy recipes to give your body the nutrients it needs to get through winter. Forget the canned soup and go on a fun grocery marathon that will have you making warm food full of fantastic flavour and health benefits.