Top five vegetable smoothies to try at home

  • 26 August 2019 | Moiketsi Thipe

With a blender, measuring kit and fresh vegetables at hand, you can look forward to brightening up your diet this spring with all kinds of smoothies to try out.

Most people immediately think of fruit as their first choice of ingredient when it comes to smoothies, but the versatility of vegetables is often underestimated. Here are five quirky ways to create a classic vegetable smoothie in the comfort of your own home.

1. Rhubarb and beet juice smoothie

This high-antioxidant immune booster is sure to knock out any cold you might have in just a few days. With a tart flavour and alluring deep red colour, this vegetarian dream only takes 30 minutes to make. Beetroot, syrup and yoghurt are part of this rich concoction, with a cup of water used to balance and blend all the ingredients. Cook the rhubarb slightly to break it down and remove the leaves, as they are inedible. Click here for the full recipe and instructions for preparation.

2. Cayenne pepper smoothie

If you enjoy a savoury taste, definitely try the cayenne pepper smoothie. With kale, lemon juice and a dash of cayenne pepper, this tasty drink is sure to add a kick and get you started in the morning. Balancing the ingredients is a bit tricky, but when done correctly, it creates a marvellous taste that can’t easily be replicated.

3. Pumpkin cinnamon smoothie

This healthy pumpkin cinnamon smoothie recipe is perfect for anyone with a sweet tooth.  The yoghurt and milk add a creamy, smooth and rich texture to your beverage, just right for sipping on in spring. The pumpkin purée is the main ingredient – it adds an element of sweetness, along with the maple syrup. Try it out and have your taste buds tantalised!

4. Bloody Mary smoothie

So, this smoothie is up for debate, as many believe that tomatoes are actually fruit. But today we’ll put all arguments aside. With a dab of hot sauce, a good quantity of tomato juice and bit of horseradish in the mix, this tangy beverage is for those with an alternative taste. No need for the expected dash of vodka – the natural bitterness of these ingredients perfectly do the trick.

5. Artichoke and oatmeal smoothie

Although this sounds like a strange combination, the artichoke and oatmeal smoothie is high in fibre and sure to give you an energy boost in the morning. Artichokes are usually added to complement foods, or not used at all in conventional dishes, but in this case it’s the star vegetable of this drink. Artichoke is said to help regulate blood pressure and detoxify the liver, which is a plus for those who like to “eat clean”. Oatmeal and peanut butter are also part of the drink, each adding their own flavour to make it even tastier.