Riverfields revamps: five pot-plant ideas that will help your plants blossom

  • 18 July 2019 | Tumelo Buthelezi

Before seeds can blossom into marvellous plants, they will need good soil, water and sufficient sunlight. If you are growing them in your yard (or inside), you might also want to put some of them in flowerpots. Here are some amazing ideas on how you can titivate those containers.

Milk-carton pot

You can help keep the environment clean and give new plants a home with milk-carton pot plants. Take an empty milk carton, straps of linen and a bit glue to put together your own milk-carton pot. It’s a smart recycling idea that gives to our planet in more ways than one.

Recycled pot plants

Got any empty bottles, tins and glass jars that you want to put to good use? One easy DIY solution is to turn them into pot plants. You can give your new plant containers fresh colour using acrylic paint, or wrap them in a thick rope. Get the rope nicely coiled around the pot and use glue to ensure that it sticks to the container.

Personalised clay pot

Give your pot plants a bit of personality by painting endearing messages on the flowerpots. All you need for this is a blank clay pot, your favourite paint colours, and heart-warming messages that will turn your garden into a hub of happiness.

Dotted pot

Another pot plant you can create for yourself (or as a gift for loved ones) is the dotted pot. It's a beautiful design that is easy to make. Simply paint your pots with polka dots and put three pots on top of each other (big to small) to make a beautiful three-tier planter.

Wall pot plants

The vertical planter solution is the one time you can leave things hanging and there will be no consequences. That’s right! You can save space with a simple DIY planter created from an old pair of banisters or a ladder that you no longer use.

So start preparing for your plants today. Show off your green thumb and craftsmanship with these easy DIY pot plants.