Riverfields renovations: cost-effective measures to consider when revamping your home

  • 11 February 2019 | Tumelo Buthelezi

First time renovating your house? Then you’ve probably seen all kinds of television shows, read various magazines and scoured online sites to come up with those remodelling ideas you now have for your home.

But having renovating concepts alone won’t turn your property-revamping plans into a reality. It's important that you take the following into consideration if you want to avoid unnecessary project expenses: 

Understanding your limitations

Whether it’s big structural renovations or small cosmetic improvements you’re planning, manage your remodelling project with realistic expectations. Ensure that your budget is fully capable of executing the vision you have for the house, including dealing with unexpected project costs.

Go into your project with a mind open to alternative solutions that could help you save money. Think about laminating your countertops instead of using granite. Hang art on bare walls, instead of covering the space with new furniture.

Preparing for surprise expenses

Stash away a portion of your budget as contingency money for unexpected expenses. Even if a pipe were to burst while renovating the kitchen, you would have peace of mind knowing that 10 to 20 percent of the total budget you’ve set aside could be used to cover the cost of repairs. It’s better to be safe than sorry, right?   

Buying smart on materials

Everyone wants a good deal on remodelling supplies. But how far would you go to chase an exceptional bargain? Some people go as far as attending building-supply auctions in the nearest town to find decent material at a very reasonable price. The gavel sometimes falls on splendid home decor items that cost a fortune at ordinary retail stores. So make time to visit such public sales every now and then.

Taking full advantage of your space

See some budget limitations as a challenge to your inventiveness. Try to figure out how you can creatively use the space available. Regardless of whether you are renting or own your property, you can explore several innovative storage approaches to make the items you frequently use visible and accessible.

In the kitchen, for example, consider replacing regular, space-consuming kitchen cupboards with organised open-storage shelves that will display your favourite kitchenware and other appealing items. Avoid taking down walls for new windows when you can install solar tubes that will bring more natural light into your house. 

Working with the right professional

Care about quality? Then you should consult a professional to help you accomplish your goal. Be cautious when appointing the person who will work on your remodelling project. Always check with the references and have a look at the reviews consumers leave on the internet about service providers.

Request a minimum of three quotations from contractors and choose the person giving you a fair deal. The price must be within your budget and leave a percentage that you can dedicate to contingency fees in the event of unexpected problems.

Whether you’ve got house renovations at the top of your resolutions list or plan on doing them eventually, these tips will help keep more cash in your account and guide you in navigating the overwhelming task of adding the trendiest touches to your house.