Repurposing old car tyres to use around the house

  • 19 March 2020 | Pakamani Nombila

Old and worn-out car tyres are said to be “among the most problematic and challenging sources of solid waste”. Due to their large production volume, tyres are routinely thrown out and piled up at landfills, or are left lying around in the garage or the garden at home.

So, instead of letting old tyres take up space, here are a few ways you can repurpose them as a form of recycling and for use around the house:

Obstacle course

If you have space in your backyard and unused tyres at your disposal, then this is a perfect opportunity to turn your home into a fun summer camp zone for your little ones. A car tyre obstacle course is great fun and it can be easily cleaned up between uses.

Playing with tyres is also an excellent way of building children’s strength and coordination, and it helps improve their vestibular and proprioception systems, too.

Tyre swings

Another fun way one could use old tyres is by building your own swing in the comfort of your backyard. No more going to the park just to play on the swings. Tyre swings are great for playing outside on hot summer days while bonding with family and friends.

House furniture

There’s really no limit to the ways in which you can convert old tyres into functional or decorative furniture items around the house. With tyres at your disposal, you can let your imagination and creative flair run wild.

Build tyre tables for your lounge, tyre dog beds for your furry friends, tyre chairs, stunning tyre planters for your garden and even tyre chandeliers (yes, it can be done – paint one a bright colour, suspend it from the ceiling with sturdy chains and attach one or more light fittings to it for an usual talking point in your lounge).

Tyre troughs for livestock

If you’re a farmer or smallholder living out of the city, you can use old tyres from your construction vehicles such as tractors and trucks and turn these into livestock water troughs. This is an easy and cost-saving method that ensures your livestock such as sheep, goats and cows always have drinking water, even in the dry season when waterholes have dried up. If you slice the tyre in half lengthways and line the two halves with tarpaulin or sturdy plastic, you can pour water or feed into them for your livestock.