Pest control: three easy ways to bug-proof your home this summer

  • 22 November 2018 | Tumelo Buthelezi

Summer is here and has brought with it its pesky friends to bug you. The windows can hardly be left open for a breeze to come in without flies, stink bugs, fleas, mosquitoes and various non-flying insects trespassing.

Not sure how to deal with them? Then try these three resourceful tips to help you reduce the number of unwanted creepy-crawlies invading your home.

Apply greener insecticides

Before you go and buy those poisonous chemicals that are harmful to the environment, see if you can create a protective barrier around the house using home-made insecticides. The simplest to make among them is an oil spray insecticide that you can make from filling a spray bottle with a liquid mixture of vegetable oil and a tablespoon of Castile soap. Spray the solution around the house and see how it effectively controls the annoying invaders.

Did you know that you can also protect your garden from aphids and other insects using natural insecticide made from tomato leaves? Tomatoes contain alkaloids called tomatines that are capable of exterminating insects. You can harness the strength of these alkaloids by making a tomato-leaf spray. All you need to do is to take two cups of chopped tomato leaves, and leave them overnight in lukewarm water. Strain out the plant material the following day and then spray away with your tomato-leaf insecticide.

Befriend their natural enemies

Don’t like pets? Maybe you would change your mind if you thought about how birds and spiders could be the solution to your pest problem. Birds are great insect eaters. Build or buy a birdhouse to encourage them to stay in your yard, and in return they will get their nutrients from your nuisance.

Make traps

Stop the spread of filth that insects carry by making traps that will help protect the house. There are various types of traps for different kinds of insects. The most popular set-up has to be the one used for mosquitoes to make them buzz off. All you need is a bucket of water, liquid detergent and a flashlight. The added cleansing agent allows you to disrupt the stagnant waters by reducing the water’s surface tension and prevents mosquitoes from laying eggs and reproducing. Shine some light on the water to attract more mosquitoes to the trap.

You won’t need those hazardous chemicals and sticky traps if you can create your own fly-trap design. That’s right, you and the kids can whisk away a bit of boredom during the holidays by creating your own bottle fly traps using plastic bottles, some tape and bait in a form of small pieces of fruit, vegetables or meat. You can put the trap next to the garbage can, the sink, fruit basket or anywhere where there’s a high concentration of flies.

You can also prevent an insect infestation by placing a fan near the most vulnerable areas in the house. Keeping things neat and tidy also goes a long way in helping to reduce the number of flies that flock to your home. So make sure that the trash is taken out at least twice a week and is kept in spaces furthest from the doors and windows.