New Year’s resolutions: how small decor changes can make a big difference

  • 21 December 2018 | Tumelo Buthelezi

You may have heard other people say: “Less is more when it comes to decor.” Perhaps it's time to start exploring the meaning of that statement while also making New Year's changes that could benefit your property. Have a look at these ideas, for a start:

Move furniture around

See a room in a completely different way by rearranging the furniture in that space. Shift the sofa to the left side of the room. Put the bookcase in a new spot. Move the dining table next to the window and see if that gives the room greater appeal. Although moving the furniture often looks like an endeavour that requires special skill and a qualification in interior design, it can be a fun challenge that saves you money when you can’t afford to buy new furniture.

When rearranging, see if you can enlist an extra pair of eyes to help you visualise the reshuffling, as some rooms only work with a specific layout.

Improve air quality and aroma

Adding plants to your home can help improve the quality of air and upgrade the room’s appeal. You can also make the house a lot more welcoming by keeping the rooms well-scented using incense, aroma oils from oil burners, and scented candles. Have three to four candles occupy the same room to create a longer-lasting fragrance. If you want to use air freshener instead, make sure the product is made from a natural non-aerosol formula – or make your own air freshener by squeezing the juice of three lemons into a spray bottle and adding a teaspoon of baking soda.

Upgrade doorknobs and handles

Doorknobs are among those subtle house features that help brighten up one’s residence without people really noticing where the touch of radiance comes from. However, most homeowners don’t think about maintaining these fixtures until they are broken. But you can take better care of the handles on the doors of your property by adding simple items of jewellery, colourful tassels or any other smaller objects that will turn them into functional ornaments that will help brighten your home. Make sure the size of the new additions doesn't interfere with the handle’s function and the doorknobs are still easy to grip.

Hang inspiring art on the wall

Putting up a funny poster or motivational piece of art on the wall of a room you frequently relax in could be key to turning a bad day around. Not only does artwork bring an element of beauty to a room, it can also help improve the feng shui in your home. You will be surprised to see the positive vibes and inspiration just one small piece of art on the wall can add.

You have the rest of 2019 to stress about a complete house makeover. For now, try implementing these far simpler ideas in your home and make it a haven for your family. Move some furniture around, influence the air quality or put up a couple of artworks to uplift – and even energise – anyone who comes into the room. All of these small changes are easy to pull off and cost next to nothing.