Keeping your living room alive in winter

  • 29 June 2019 | Tumelo Buthelezi

Unless you are the Man of Steel, you probably don’t appreciate coming home to a living room that feels like a fortress of solitude in the middle of a snow-ridden area. No, we mere mortals like the rooms dedicated to everyday use to be warm and comfy, thank you. Here are some useful tips on how you can keep that space hospitable in winter.

Make your curtains more effective

You can block out cold air and help keep the room warmer by adding an extra layer of fabric to the back of your curtains using velcro tape. Make sure that you select a velcro thickness that can effectively support the weight of your curtains.

Keep extra blankets in the lounge

Snuggle up in an area that always has an extra blanket draped over the back of the sofa. Try to choose brightly coloured blankets that will not only enhance your decor, but also have a positive influence on the mood in the room during the long, gray days of winter.

Find customised throw pillows

Spend your down time reading a book or binge-watching television supported by personalised throw pillows made from warm winter fabrics like wool, flannel and fleece. Fresh-looking pillows will soften the space instantly, bump up the comfort levels a notch and make you giggle now and then when you see the quirky messages printed on them.

Move the dinner table closer to the fireplace

Got a fireplace or woodstove? Good! You can take extra advantage of this creature comfort by moving the dinner table closer to it, giving you and your family the perfect opportunity to create pleasant and warm memories.

Add charm using natural accents

While everything outside looks brown and lifeless, add aesthetic charm to your living room by decorating it with wall-mounted wood logs, twigs, stones or indoor plants. These natural accents will add vibrancy to your bare white walls and give them fresh appeal.