Important things to remember during load shedding season

  • 29 April 2019 | Tumelo Buthelezi

From the businesses we run to the daily activities in our private lives, we use devices and appliances that to feed off the flow of electricity. But what can we do to protect these valuable items when the power goes off?

How do you survive a blackout with minimal impact to your essentials? And what else can you do until the power is restored? Don’t panic – here are some tips to get you through load shedding with ease:

Pull out the plugs

You can start preparing for a power outage by checking the load shedding schedule, which is usually available online or via an app. Once you know when your area will be affected, switch off electric appliances such as fridges, microwaves and computers ahead of time.

Once the outage is in effect, unplug everything else and only leave one light switched on that will act as a notification once the power has been restored.

Do some stock checking around the house to see if you have enough candles, batteries for flashlights and sufficient food to tide you over.     

Keep some food in stock that don’t need refrigeration

Many fridges today are able to keep food frozen and edible for up to three days when there is no power. But to avoid exposing food to room temperature quickly, you need to keep the door closed for as long as possible. Only open the fridge when it is absolutely necessary. Stick a note on the door to remind others about getting things from the fridge less frequently.

Have a shopping list that includes staple foods that can be kept in the house for long periods without refrigeration, such as canned soup, vegetables and meat. Make sure those food products won’t require cooking before you can eat them.

Plan some activities to pass the time

Don’t let a power outage t shut your whole world down. Enjoy other activities, for example going for a walk during the day (your body might be grateful for the exercise).

If it’s nighttime, set the mood and read a hardcopy book with the aid of candles or a torch. Use the time to play fun card games – you’ll even find that it brings an element of authenticity to your connections with people.

Log out and live outside the virtual world – at least until the power comes back on.