Home decor trends to look out for in 2019

  • 27 February 2019 | Tumelo Buthelezi

Trends are life’s special way of reminding us about the importance of progress. Without trends life would stagnate and we would be trapped in a loop of redundant repetition. The introduction of fresh ideas into our homes saves us from an insipid existence and allows us to leave behind what’s old and outdated.

Which is why we are sharing this short list of popular home decor changes you should look out for and try to implement in 2019. Like a thermometer, the level of intensity on this list moves from very subtle to expressively colourful. Think you can handle the heat? Let’s get to it.

Velvet furnishings and natural elements

Some professional designers are convinced that velvet will be among those furniture-upholstery touches that dominate home decor trends in 2019.

The multidimensional fabric is sure to impress with its various shades, but try avoid too many dark colours. To gift a room with a bit of a pulse, convey the connection between humankind and the great outdoors by using natural elements – the addition of plants, wooden floors and good openings for daylight will bring an organic and serene ambience to your house.

The return of richer and classic colours

Say goodbye to muted colours and open your home to richer hues that will balance perfectly against core pieces of furniture in a room. Colours to look out for include passionate reds, potent pinks and mustard yellows. But if you love timeless design trends, black and white styling is the answer. No colour combo has ever rivalled the harmonious dichotomy of black and white in terms of balance and boldness.

Compact and multipurpose furnishings

Another interior design trend sure to spread in 2019 is multifunctional furnishing. There’s been a massive shift in the property market, with many young people abandoning conventional housing for city dwelling in order to be closer to amenities and their places of work. This means that they will need smart, multipurpose furniture that saves space and is easy to move when relocating.

Bold print and geometric patterns

Minimalism has been the champion of interior design for a while now. But the time has come for the title to change hands. Some designers are convinced that geometric patterns and bold print wallpapers are experiencing a revival. Thanks to platforms like Instagram and Pinterest, bold wallpaper has slowly been creeping back into the mainstream and will most likely rank among the dominant decor trends of 2019. So expect to see some oversized patterns filling many homes with ethnic- and tribal-inspired designs.

Extroverted house features

With the wave of minimalist design starting to subside, colour blockers, especially, will be delighted to know that it’s time to go back to bright colours and graphic patterns when decorating homes. This year, blank walls will look like galleries with large artistic pieces covering the space. Colours like living coral and burnt yellow will also get an opportunity to exude their happiness, confidence and retro-modern appeal.

While some people may choose to play it safe, defending minimalism, many will get to have fun experimenting with bright colours, big patterns and daring furnishings. So don't be afraid to do more, because bolder is better in 2019.