Home decor: give your kitchen a friendly fix

  • 19 October 2018 | Tumelo Buthelezi

For many, the kitchen is the room where house chores first started. Washing dishes by yourself after your tenth birthday. Getting baking lessons from mom. The first time you did some plumbing, handing dad the tools to fix the sink.

The kitchen is also where delicious magic is made. You can give this special room a facelift without investing in a big remodelling project. Consider these simple, creative ideas for a makeover that won’t burn your budget to a crisp.

Add kitchen art

You always want to be creative with your recipes, so why not do the same with the kitchen? Turn it into a room that will entertain and inspire you to make great-tasting gourmet food by choosing artwork that reflects the shared taste of the family. Quirky, cute art usually makes anyone coming into the kitchen smile.

Decorate the walls with some colourful framed pieces; put some in the space between the upper and lower cabinets; or mix the art into your displaying storage if you have open shelving.

Make space for plants

Plants make an excellent addition to kitchen decor. They can serve the dual purpose of adding appeal to the room and contributing to a healthy diet. Fresh herbs, for example, can add life to the space – try creating a hanging garden so you can simply pluck the herbs you need to flavour your food. If there’s enough room, you can even create your own green wall.

Even small kitchens can benefit from greenery – try creating a vertical garden, or build a shelf across the window. Countertop solutions include tiered stands for storing both fruit and plants.

Decorate the fridge

Turn the kitchen into the best place to chill by making the fridge look cool again. Shopping lists, kids’ photos and school drawings don’t really count. If you’re up for some DIY, consider painting an old appliance if its surface has lost its luster. A simpler option would be to cover appliances with elegant removable wallpaper.

Just don’t forget to exercise caution while you play with colours and designs. For example, unplug the fridge and move it away from the wall and other furniture while decorating it. Spray or paint it in a well-ventilated area.

Adjust your lighting

There are plenty of bright ideas to enhance the lighting in your kitchen to create an atmosphere of warmth and cosiness. Do better than standard ceiling lamps and add sources of light that don't require elaborate electrical installations.

Solutions include adding stick-on lights, eye-catching lamps and adjustable overhead fixtures that allow you to guide light exactly where you need it.

Fix the cabinets

If there’s wiggling room in your budget, call in a professional to help revive your cabinets and give them instant appeal with some decorative wood mouldings and trim. Even simpler, repaint them and replace outdated hardware such as handles, hinges and knobs with contemporary pieces.

Make sure the new components can simply be attached using the existing holes in the cabinet doors. Alternatively, consider introducing open shelving to your kitchen.

These smart tips are some of the simplest ways to give your old kitchen a fresh new look. They are affordable, quick and easy to do by yourself. The best part is that they can also be undone without any hassle when you feel it’s time for an even bigger kitchen makeover. So, have fun and be creative!