Five soaps you can make at home

  • 29 March 2019 | Tumelo Buthelezi

Are you looking for another DIY hobby that will help you create more organic produce? Then maybe it’s time you learned how to make your own soap.

The benefits of home-made soaps include the opportunity to select oils and butters that actually agree with your type of skin. Ingredients can be combined in ways that will add value to your body. Here are some soap recipes you can try ...

Basic home-made soap recipe

The saying “simplicity is the ultimate sophistication” aptly describes basic home-made soap, because it’s easy to make and requires ingredients many of us keep in our homes. The recipe for this soap allows you to create your product using different methods, such as the room-temperature method, the cold process method or the hot process method.

Milk and honey soap

Another fun and easy DIY recipe is the 10-minute melt-and-pour milk and honey soap recipe. The ingredients contain the skin-clarifying and moisturising properties of raw organic honey and the skin-cell treatment of goat’s milk. No need to worry about using lye that might burn your skin and eyes, because it is not required.

Citrus soap

Gift your skin the health advantages of citrus fruits with this citrus soap. This DIY recipe will produce the soap you are looking for if you can get your hands on some citrus essential oil, citrus zest, goat’s milk soap base and silicone soap moulds. The soap is also a fantastic kitchen solution that helps to effectively remove the smell of any garlic or onions you handle with your hands.

Avocado-oil soap

Create your own face cleanser with this avocado-oil soap recipe. By adding a bit of comfrey to your process of preparation, your bar of soap will be useful for unclogging blocked pores, fighting acne, treating injuries and accelerating healing.

Soap-scraps soap

Do you want to you use soap to its fullest extent before it reaches the end of its life? A pennywise solution is to make soap-scraps soap out of it. Collect and save the last, small bits of bars of soap in a container until you have enough to throw into a pot of water, and set it to a gentle boil until you have enough to partially fill a pot. For the best results, it is recommended you try this recipe with the same make of soap.

There are so many wonderful soap-making recipes that a beginner can start today and feel ready to experiment with different ingredients tomorrow. Be sure to correctly (and carefully) follow the instructions on your first few attempts before you start experimenting with additional ingredients.