Five healthy drinks everyone can enjoy in winter

  • 31 May 2019 | Tumelo Buthelezi

While the fridge holds on to your favourite cold drinks for the winter, don’t limit your beverage options to just tea and coffee. Here’s a list of warm and healthy drinks you can enjoy during this coughing and wheezing season.

Hot chocolate

At the top of most people’s list, you will most likely find hot choc as the pick-me-up drink of choice. By using dark chocolate and unsweetened cocoa powder, you can end up with cup of antioxidant-rich hot chocolate that can help suppress food cravings if you’re working on your bikini body for the next summer season.

Spiced hot apple cider

You can still enjoy a sweet cider in winter – in the form of a spiced hot apple cider. This drink will quench your thirst while depositing some much-needed vitamin C and iron into your immune system to keep your body secure from threats posed by colds and flu.

Skinny peppermint mocha

When you see the words “skinny peppermint mocha”, they probably have you thinking about visiting the nearest coffee roastery for a cup. But how about saving some money and making your own once in a while? To also reduce the amount of calories in your cup, try using unsweetened cocoa powder or any light flavouring option with less sugar in your recipe.

Hot water with lemon

Lemon is an amazing citrus fruit that has so much to offer to your well-being. Drinking a cup of hot water with a slice of lemon every morning provides your body with valuable vitamin C that could help boost your immune system this winter.

Honey bee latte

If you've never tried a honey bee latte, then you’re in for a serious treat.. The recipe includes healthy ingredients such as nutmeg and cinnamon, with honey as the sweetener that will give your warming drink great flavour.

Start with this simple recipe before graduating to other variations that might also appeal to your taste.

Winter will be a guest staying with us for a while. But don't dread the visit. Instead, bring out the warm clothes, sit by the fire with your favourite books and enjoy any of these amazing refreshments.