Colour coating 2019: Four fresh colours to consider for your interior

  • 24 January 2019 | Tumelo Buthelezi

Have you decided the types of shades and colour accents you will be introducing to your home in 2019? What kind of atmosphere do you want the walls in your home to encapsulate?

To help you think about how you can use the power of paint to your advantage, see the list below to help you choose the colours that will suit you best. 

Soft Pastel Beauty

Want to avoid the colour conventions society uses as tags to separate males from females?
Soft pastel is the type of colour you need to create a gender-neutral vibe in the kids’ rooms and shared areas, such as the kitchen and bathrooms. Its pleasant and muted tones especially come alive in houses furnished with warm and minimalist interior decor. 


Most people have come to associate the colour blue with peace, open spaces and freedom. So, for those still interested in the casual elegance of safe shade options in interior design, this is the primary colour that can breathe a cooling freshness into the room, just as long as you avoid a heavy-handed shade that will make the room seem darker and feel smaller. Consider a much more diluted variation of blue like the one used on a mist-blue interior design to open up your walls to the innocence of a blank canvas that invites you to do more with your decor.  


Grey can go against the dull look and feel it is notorious for when it is introduced to your walls in the form of pewter. This shade of bluish, silver greyness possesses powers of neutrality and a classy appeal that can easily collaborate with the trendiest furniture and interior styles of 2019.  


Show your appreciation for all things natural by choosing paint that has a calming effect on people. Green is a symbol of nourishment, growth and rejuvenation. It can be used to promote comfort and relaxation. The colour can also service the room in a smaller capacity and still shine, when you have green house items and walls that are painted in the blush-like colour of salmon peach.

Regardless of whether you choose the subtle softness of neutral shades or draw inspiration for your 2019 interior plan from hues seen in the great outdoors, any of these four fresh colour options will improve the aesthetic appeal of your home.