Christmas DIY: gifts you can make at home

  • 18 December 2018 | Tumelo Buthelezi

Do you have a strict budget for your festive-season shopping? Hoping to put some more presents under the Christmas tree?

Have Santa deliver a special gift that not only has a lot more sentimental value than a shop-bought present, but also saves you money. Here are some great creative ideas:

Vinyl record book

By definition, a record is an account of a certain moment in time kept in writing or some other permanent form. Now you can embody the ambiguity of the word by making a beautiful handmade notebook or journal for that special music lover in your life. Follow this 14-step, easy-to-follow guide to create a timeless gift sure to keep cherished entries safe between its vinyl pages.

DIY earrings

You can create stylish earrings for mom, a co-worker or your partner using old jewellery chains and simple brass wire. With the help of a tutorial and template, it should be easy to shape the wire into any creative pattern you choose. Your local hardware store should stock the brass wire and pliers you need to make your earrings.

Lava lamp

Prove to the kids that science can be fun by surprising them with a colourful lava lamp. This groovy gift of cool liquids flowing up and down doesn't require a PhD in physics to create. All you need to do is mix some oil, water, food colouring and a couple of antacid tablets into a mason jar. The kids will have fun watching the flow of the “lava”.

DIY vases

Recycle and repurpose by making your own wine cork vases. Use a cube- or rectangular-shaped glass and corks you have saved for this purpose to make these amazing works of art.

Your wine-loving-friends will love you even more for giving them this thoughtful gift.

DIY scrabble tiles

Another inexpensive Christmas gift you can enjoy as a family are DIY scrabble tiles. Even if word games aren’t your idea of fun, you can use the large scrabble tiles to decorate an empty wall in your house by spelling out the names of family members, the household motto or quirky messages. Once you make it past the stage of cutting the wood and sanding the edges of your shapes, the rest is smooth sailing. Paint the wood to compliment the colour of your wall.