"Our vision is to create a sustainable urban node that facilitates a thriving economy and community"

The vision of the Riverfields Development Company is to create a new urban node that has unparalleled locational advantages while offering property owners, residents, retailers and tenants a unique working, recreational and living experience.

The objective is to develop an iconic and integrated mixed-use node with urban amenities that are not, as yet, offered by any existing mixed-use developments in the greater Ekurhuleni area.

To achieve this objective The Riverfields Development Company is working with urban planners to create a masterplan designed to transform a vision into reality – and ensure greater cohesion between existing and future developments.

This masterplan is about guiding responsible and sustainable development so that the area will continue to grow and prosper in the coming decade and for generations to come.




Top soup recipes this winter

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There’s just something about soup that makes the battle with shivers, chattering teeth and runny noses more bearable in winter. You can make this liquid dish using vegetables, meats or spice mixtures and come out with a pot bubbling with flavours to clear away the winter blues. Here are some of the most warming, hearty and nutrient-rich recipes.

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Five healthy drinks everyone can enjoy in winter

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While the fridge holds on to your favourite cold drinks for the winter, don’t limit your beverage options to just tea and coffee. Here’s a list of warm and healthy drinks you can enjoy during this coughing and wheezing season.

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Top five reasons to have lemons in your house

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