Transforming fields of dreams into reality

The opportunity to create a sustainably developed mixed-use precinct that is perfectly positioned in the heart of the fastest growing metropolis on the African continent a chance to leave an extraordinary legacy.

For generations the Erasmus family have been farmers. As farmers, respect for the land runs through their veins. A love of the land and its ability to grow and produce is entrenched in their livelihood.

Today, nothing has changed. The Erasmus family is still using the land to grow.

However, this time they are no longer growing mielies. Now they are growing something else – potential and opportunity. They are growing communities and industry – places where people can live and work in a way that is sustainable and considers the future.



They are growing opportunities and businesses with the development of retail centres and light industrial zones, with housing developments and community zones.

They are growing a small city of the future, with a vision to serve generations to come by creating a sustainable environment that is well designed and constructed to support the region and its people.

They are doing this through Trans Acht Edms Bpk. (soon to trade as the Riverfields Development Company).

The Riverfields Development Company is working with GAPP Architects and Urban Designers to develop the area so that people can live, work, shop and thrive – because the area has been consciously and strategically developed around needs and sustainable growth.

They are also working with ADA Urban Design on the development concepts for the Gleneagle Office Park, Plumbago Business Park, Monument Rd/R23 Intersection development.