Tips for greening your business

Energy efficiency
Switching from incandescent to compact fluorescent light bulbs (CFLs) is easy, affordable, and cuts costs. Lighting expenses make up as much as 50 percent of the average commercial building's energy bill. So simply turning off lights and switching to lower-wattage bulbs can make a huge difference. Turn off equipment when it's not being used. This can reduce the energy used by 25 percent; turning off the computers at the end of the day can save an additional 50 percent. Also remember to set computers to energy-saving settings.

Greening Strategy & Plan
Develop a greening strategy and plan and assign the responsibility to somebody to implement and regularly monitor progress. If you need professional help contact a sustainability advisor.

Paper supply
Find a supply of paper with maximum available recycled content. Reuse. Before deciding whether you need to purchase new office furniture, see if your existing office furniture can be refurbished. It's less expensive than buying new and better for the environment.

Source local
Instigate an ongoing search for "greener" products and services that are from the area. The further your supplies or service providers have to travel, the more energy will be used to get them to you.

Encourage a paper-less office. The more you do online, the less you need paper. Keep files on computers instead of in file cabinets. Review documents onscreen rather than printing them out. Send emails instead of paper letters. Also choose suppliers who take back packaging for reuse.

Water saving
Never leave taps dripping, always close them tightly after use. (One drop wasted per second wastes 10 000 litres per year.)

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